Saturday, November 6, 2010

Build - Shaco The Demon Jester

Hey guys,

Heres another installment of my builds.  This one is shaco probably my favorite champe to play.

Rune Pages:  crit chance / crit damage

My rune pages start me off with 17% crit chance right off the bat.

spells:  heal, ignite

This build is crit, attack damage, and attack speed.  This is a deadly combination with shaco and if you follow this build you will be getting massive amounts of kills;

GAME START:  I start off with a long sword for the +10 attack damage and a health potion. The ability I choose to max first is the E move or Two Shiv Poison.  Early game just lane with your partner and harrass the other team with your E move.  Use your judgement when going in for the gank, truth is early game with your crit chance you can take out enemies really easy if the crit lands.  But if it doesnt your in trouble so gank with your partner and kills early on will be granted.  When you get 954g go back and pick up:  "Sword of the Occult".  This is where shaco gets all his power from.  This item is almost identical to meja's soulstealer, but for dps.  Its a stacking item that gives 5 damage per stack, 1 stack for an assist and 2 stacks for a kill.  At 20 stacks your movement speed is increased 15%.

Early Game Items (lvl 1 - 10):
-Berserker Greaves ( movement 2 and 25% attack damage )
-Sword of the occult ( attack damage, stacking )
- start building malady

Ability Ranks:   R > E > Q > W

i almost NEVER use jitb with shaco ill be lucky if i drop it one time during a match.

MID GAME:   around level 10 you should have or start building malady.  For some reason they changed the last item in malady, it used to be lifesteal which worked awesome with keeping shaco alive, but now its amplifying tome.  After you build malady your attack speed should be a pretty fast.  Now is the fun part.  After malady shaco starts to get really dangerous by building Phantom Dancer.

If i have enough at first I go straight for Cloak of agility (+18% crit chance).  Now you will be hitting fast and hard because of the increased crit.  At this point my crit is at 35% and with malady the amount of strikes you do the odds of them being a crit is really high.

Go around and start getting kills you will need stacks on ur sword of the occult and also money to finish off your phantom dancer.  Once you finish phantom dancer its time to build Infinity Edge.

LATE GAME:  If the game is still going after you build Infinity Edge it wont be for long so at this point the last item can be whatever your struggling with.  Is the other team hard to kill still? buy more damage.  Are you dying too fast? buy health item.  This last item is usually to save your team from losing or just to completely overpower the other team and have some laughs as they die in 3 slices.

-Berserker Greaves
-Sword of the Occult
-Phantom Dancer
-Infinity Edge
- <Whatever you feel you need>

Thats basically it.  Its hard to write out how to play a character you just need to get to know the moves and how each champ plays against others.  Just practice and use this build im sure you will do fine.

Now you see me, now you dont!


  1. That's a pretty nice Shaco build there... Personally I take Boots of Mobility because being able to chase like a motherfucker is awesome.

  2. God I want to get this game :3 sounds like so much fun

  3. Hmm nice, maybe i can be a dungeon master some day.