Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dota 2 announcement

So guys dota2 has been announced by valve.  should be pretty exciting since they are bringing the team who worked on the original dota  back, as well as artists and dev's from valve.  This game might give LoL a run for its money and should be promising.  Here is the link to the site

Updates when more comes out but check the site out.   How do you guys feel about this dota2 announcement?


  1. dota sure brings back memories... I'm definitely checking this out when it's released

  2. Wasn't the original team working on Riot games(producers of LoL).
    Also if it's made by Valve,and be put on steam, LoL certainly will die.

  3. Played dota for years and then HoN and LoL but dota will always be the best I cant wait!

  4. Oh hell yes! Been playing lots of LoL but I'm missing the denying...