Monday, November 1, 2010

My build for Kassadin - The Void Walker

So every now and then ill post some builds for league of legends characters that are pure rape.  This is my kassadin build that I use and is VERY solid against all types of enemies.

Summoner Spells:  Heal, ignite

Startup:  You're going to want to buy an amplifying tome and a health potion.  Also put a point into your Null Sphere (Q).

*Note* I like to mid with kassadin but im pretty comfortable there.  If you're just starting i'd suggest laning with someone just to get a feel of how to play him.


At this point Kassadin is not very powerful so play defense and harass with your Null Sphere.  Buy simple boots when u can (350g)  just to get a little speed boost (upgrade to Sorcerer's shoes when u get 750g, you get magic pen with them).  The first two spells i choose are Null Sphere and Force Pulse.

The way i do it is  R > Q > E > W

Having a high Null Sphere in early game can really help you out with getting kills because it does so much damage with AP.  Once you get 800g go get meja's, this item right here is ur bread and butter it will give you so much additional AP you will be unstoppable late game.

GET KILLS!  Its really that simple at this point you should at least have your ult (Riftwalk) what i like to do is:  Riftwalk to enemy , Null Sphere (silence) , then finish them off with force pulse and maybe an ignite if they flashed away or slowed me down.


If your team didn't feed the whole time you should be one of the, if not the, most powerful champ in the match.  With ur Null Sphere and Force Pulse you can basically take down an enemy's entire life bar with just those two spells.  At this point i usually farm a little but mostly gank with my team and take towers.  At this point your going to be running low on mana alot so to counter this you're gonna want to start building ur Archangels Staff.  This will be all thats needed for mana control.

But wait! "Ghostblade I keep dying so easily!! I have such low HP"

Yes, this is a problem so what you're going to want to do now is start to build Ryali's Scepter.

Keep ganking and pushing towers. While you're getting gold for ganking start to build zhonya's ring this will severely increase your AP

So thats pretty much it obviously i didnt go into detail about when specifically to choose ur spells but use the R>Q>E>W and what i said about maxing Null Sphere and you will be fine.  If i feel like i left something out ill make sure to edit this.

Balance above Power.


  1. never mastered this champion well, what is your ingame name?

  2. never played league of legends... looks fun

  3. cool build, i'll have to try it out

  4. I always wanted to get some inside into LoL, thanks for sharing

  5. i dont like how you can't really customize in LoL.

  6. Ooh thanks.
    Been playing LoL for a few months now.
    Into Lux at the moment :P

    Might try this out though.

  7. never even heard of this game

  8. never got into lol, was told i would like it though.